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    Common problem solving method for precision four c


    Programmable dual slope function allows user to perform slope at different inclinations in both x and y axis

    Electronic beam shield to turn the laser beam off in one to three quadrants

    Large +/-8 degrees electronic self level range. When beyond the leveling range, the laser beam will flash, rotation of the beam will stop, and an audible alarm will activate

    Height of Instrument/Tilt alarm function ensures product accuracy

    Operates with radio frequency remote control

    LCD display with backlight illumination

    Manual mode allows unit to tilt to extreme angles and two rotational speeds: 600 and 1100 RPM

    Two rotation speeds: 600 and 1100 RPM

    40-6584 Includes > Laser, li-ion rechargeable battery pack, alkaline battery comparent (batteries not included), li-ion battery adapter, remote control with 2 "AA" batteries, detector with 9V battery and clamp, sighting scope, slope plate, fine adjusent plate, and a hard-shell carrying case

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    Put pinpoint laser precision to work for you with ROLEVEL’s lineup of laser tools. Featuring combination laser levels, our products are designed to ensure accuracy for everything from leveling to jobsite grading and complex measurements.

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