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    Application and differentiation of Rotary laser level green beam


    When you hear rotary laser level green beam, people will think of some of the lighting effects on the stage. But the use of this machine is more than these. Rotary laser level green beam is an environmental three-dimensional shape sensing device for a self-rotating cross-hair laser scanning, comprising a laser scanning device and a focus adjustment mechanism for vertically adjusting the light emitted by the laser scanning device,  the laser scanning device comprising a rotating laser A generator and a laser receiver for receiving reflected light, wherein the rotating laser generator is capable of emitting a crosshair laser and rotating about its optical axis to scan an environmental three-dimensional topography. The invention scans the optical axis around the optical axis by the cross-hair laser, and divides the object to be tested into four quadrants, and only needs to rotate the incident cross-ray light source by 90° to obtain point cloud data of the entire surface topography of the scanned object, thereby realizing Three-dimensional shape perception of the object.

    Cross Line Wall Laser Level (1).png

    The laser color of this kind of rotary laser level green beam is generally divided into two types, one kind of red light and one kind of green light. Many people do not know the difference between these two kinds of light. A common misconception is that green beam lasers are more effective when used outdoors and under strong light. Although it may outweigh the red laser, we recommend using a laser detector to distinguish. This technology is now generally used in construction and work that needs to be adjusted to a standard horizontal position. There by reducing the error rate of work.

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