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    Basic application of self-levelling cross line laser


    Cross-line projection for various levels and alignment purposes. This versatility makes it more valuable than typical line lasers. With state-of-the-art precision and single-switch operation, the user's leveling and alignment tasks can be done quickly and accurately. The laser line of self-levelling cross line laserscan be up to 30 feet. The smart pendulum system self-adjusts and indicates a non-conforming status to help ensure precise layout. The pendulum system locks when closed to ensure safe tool transport. This machine applies to any height level.

    Cross Line Wall Laser Level

    self-levelling cross line lasers are available in a variety of industrial production equipment, it can play the role of auxiliary marking and positioning, such as: material cutting, woodworking machinery, packaging machinery, Stone Bridge cutting machine, tire positioning and glass processing in the positioning fabric processing, welding processing, PCB processing. Sheet metal processing in mechanical manufacturing, steel plate line positioning, garment industry fabric tailoring, lattice and alignment, cutting bed positioning, computer open bag marking machine, embroidery machine production process positioning, but also used in equipment installation and building decoration positioning, a wide range of uses.

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