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    In what way does Red Cross Line Laser apply


    Red cross line laser is still relatively unfamiliar to the average person, but its use is closely related to our life. Red cross line laser can be widely used in garment cutting beds, sewing machines, cutters, printing presses, embroidery machines, nail buttons, nail beads, rivet machines, wire drawing machines, bag opening, needle cars, towel printing machine pillow towel printing presses, flat screen printing presses, as well as shoe machine shaping machine, followed by plastic machine and other industrial equipment marking positioning. Square Red Line laser spot clear, small size, easy to install, simple and convenient to use.

    Red cross line laser

    Red cross line laser fundamentally solve the main problems of traditional infrared laser markers, such as short service life and low light intensity. Cross line laser core using Japan imported semiconductor laser diode, built-in circuit board has been improved, with dry Rao, high stability, suppression of surge current and slow start and other characteristics, especially suitable for harsh working environment, cross-line lasers can effectively ensure product stability and service life.

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