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    Basic application of Point and Cross Line Laser


    Point and cross line laser is a convenient and practical positioning tool. It can be widely used for the efficiency of garment laser positioning, clothing nail button point light source positioning, cutting machine cutting auxiliary marking, clothing folding laser marking positioning, sewing machine/clipper/nail pushbutton/automatic manual broken cloth Machine Auxiliary marking of various positioning.

    Cross Line Wall Laser Level (1).png

    Point and cross line laser can be used for nail buckle machine, rivet machine, bag opening machine, cutting bed, sleeve machine, drawing machine and so on. Convenient, fast, intuitive and practical. Can improve the work efficiency more greatly. One-word line laser lines clear, small, easy to install, for a variety of garment equipment manufacturers to provide supporting products and technical support.

    Features: Point and cross line laser is simple and convenient to use, can be installed on the use of mechanical vertical or horizontal surface, to provide a visible laser marking, so that throughout the production process there is a visible, non-contact positioning line to guide the operation process. It has the advantages of convenient production operation and improved production efficiency. Laser wire can be arbitrarily fine-tuned in three-dimensional space, has achieved the best use effect.

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